Whilst the regulations on Asbestos in residential premises are not as stringent as business premises (no survey is legally required), an increasing number of lenders and house purchasers are becoming aware of the potential existence of asbestos when purchasing a premises.

Indeed, many Building Surveyors are highlighting material which may contain asbestos (you cannot always tell by simply looking) in their own reports and recommending that checks be done.

At Laskey and Leighton, we can work with you on any premises be you the owner or a potential purchaser.

- We can survey a whole premises for you if you require.

- We can simply sample a specific material identified in a surveyors report
(e.g.  "artex ceiling in master bedroom may contain asbestos") which will then be sent for Laboratory Analysis.

- We can sometimes offer an out of hours or weekend service where access is a problem.

Please contact our Residential Department on 01277 610800 for further information.