At Laskey and Leighton, we have a comprehensive range of services to suit your business.

Sampling Services

You may have had a contractor at your premises who has identified a specified object, for example a panel behind a boiler, which they suspect may contain asbestos and require analysis before they can continue with their work.

We can attend to simply sample the specified material which would then be sent to a UKAS Accredited Laboratory for Analysis.

Surveying Services

We undertake various types of surveys and, provided you are not currently having a demolition or major refurbishment of your premises, the chances are that you will be interested in a Management Survey.

You may have read on our Profile page on this website that our Surveyors are qualified to BOHS P402 Standards.  This is an internationally recognized qualification of proficiency in relation to Asbestos Surveying.

We undertake our surveys using methods detailed in a document called HSG264 which is a government document produced by the Health and Safety Executive.

If you are not sure which service you need, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Asbestos Management Services

You may have already have had a Survey on your premises and Asbestos has been identified.

Should this be the case, we will be only too please to quote on providing a management plan for your needs or to provide a second opinion if required.